History Centers fulfill important human needs.

Florida Governor Gilchrist visiting the Everglages.

There is a reason why history is one of the Humanities. When properly researched and told, a history is another way of letting us know that we are not alone. A history is a narrative about the human condition.

Our history is who we are. History brings us together.

Capt. Francis Boggess, posing with his whip, which as the source of the term Florida Cracker.

Every history tells the story of our individual, as well as our shared successes and failures. In total, it brings us all together to contemplate our past, while dreaming our future.

People from all over the world want to know our history.

Center, the famous Marco Cat, a six inch tall Calusa effigy in the Smithsonian

Heritage tourism is an eight-billion-dollar industry. Every year, millions of people travel locally, nationally and abroad, seeking out historic places to visit and to learn. The Calusa heritage is important in world history.


United we stand.

Governments large and small, need to be fiscally responsible. They also need to be accountable to the people. For far too long, the interest of a very few and their priorities to develop every acre of land possible in Charlotte County, has resulted in, not only the lost of our prehistoric and historic resources, but a true assessment of who we are and accordingly, where we have been as a human community.  There are limits, and those who lived here for generations before us, learned all to well, just what those limits are. Environmentally, our governments have taken development over our limits. By not respecting our history, and allowing space for it to be respected and appreciated, we are destined to be a rootless and unappreciative people. A house is just that, a house, but a home is where the heart dwells. It dwells where the ones who came before are buried, along with their dreams.

If this is not the time for all to come together and work to create a history center for Charlotte County, when will be the time?  In 2021, Charlotte County will celebrate its 100th birthday. It will be a perfect time to recognize the importance of writing and preserving our history.


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The society is a co-organizer with other societies, community groups, businesses and governments planning meaningful events and programs for 2021.

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