Our Mission

To work with public and private partners to build a new, state-of-the-art history center for Charlotte County

COMING January 10, 2020


Charlotte County Florida Historical Society,Inc. celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the passing of

True the State of Florida never ratified the 19th Amendment, but we will still celebrate the women's right to vote in the United States with a evening of Florida Women's History.

A Special Evening Honoring Three Great Florida Women

Charlotte County historian and author Ted Ehmann will present in words and images three truly great Florida women who chartered new ground and changed the perception of women in the 20th century and forever.

Aunt Polly Parker

Eugenie Clark

Zora Neal Hurston


18305 Wintergarden Ave., Port Charlotte, FL 33948


Three Great Women Flyer

Womens History Evening (docx)


Our Services

Cape Haze's "shark lady" Eugenie Clarke, 1950s

What we are

We are an extension of the Charlotte County Florida Historical Society Inc. , dba .The dictionary defines the word center as:  



cen·​ter | \ ˈsen-tər , ˈse-nər\ 

Definition of center

2a : a point, area, person, or thing that is most important or pivotal in relation to an indicated activity, interest, or condition a railroad center 

b : a source from which something originates 

 Therefore, we are a  "pivotal" organization for the preservation and education of Charlotte County Florida history, not just for residents, but also for the increasing needs of heritage tourism.

President Theodore Roosevelt fishing off Punta Gorda

What we do.

While an organization with outreach and publications is by definition, a "center", there has been for many decades, a true need in Charlotte County for an actual building,  a Charlotte County History Center, open to the public, housing the county's archives and artifacts. Such centers can be  found in numerous Florida counties and cities. Charlotte County's would function through public and private partnership, and focus on all things historical through permanent and special exhibitions, events and tours that celebrate almost 16,000 years of prehistory and history.


What we are not.

Over the past few years, a private non-profit organization, Museum Society Inc, 514 Grace St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 started calling themselves the Charlotte County Historical Center ( Society) . We are not them nor do we share the same mission. Their mission is only "to provide educational opportunities for the general public of Charlotte County and surrounding areas.", which is the role of our public school system.